Introducing Calypso ™, Saturn's Anti-Reflection Device (ARD)

Coming early Q3, 2024

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The ARD Advantage

In combat, stealth is vital. ARDs reduce lens glare, preventing light reflection that could reveal a shooter's position. By enhancing concealment and improving visibility, ARDs ensure shooters remain undetected and maintain accuracy, even in challenging conditions.


From Miami to California

Crafted with precision in Miami, the Calypso ARD embodies American craftsmanship and ingenuity. From design to production, our team ensures uncompromising quality before manufacturing in California, USA, where skilled engineers bring our vision to life. By overseeing production locally, we maintain strict quality control and support American jobs, guaranteeing that every Calypso ARD meets our rigorous standards.

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The Name: Calypso's Essence

Named after Saturn's moon, Calypso ARD channels the spirit of concealment and precision. Just like its namesake in Greek mythology, Calypso embodies the art of stealth, minimizing glare and maintaining a low profile in any environment. Choosing the name Calypso pays homage to this legendary figure while underscoring the ARD's essential role in enhancing tactical capabilities on the battlefield.


Coming Soon: Calypso™ ARD Release

Prepare for the ultimate tactical upgrade: the Calypso ARD is set to deploy early in the third quarter! Stay tuned for updates as we gear up to unveil this game-changing accessory. Whether you're a soldier, hunter, or competitive shooter, the Calypso ARD promises to elevate your precision and concealment, ensuring you dominate the field with unparalleled performance.

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